Friday, March 15, 2013

This goes hand in hand with my last post so I thought I'd share ^·^


Here are some pics that I had taken about a month or so ago. I've never really liked having my pics taken until recently. So to go all out like I did on these was HUGE for me! I was hella first for sure! But then, it was like the Plus Size Lioness just busted through the cage she's been hiding in for so long! There was no more holding her back. I felt AAAMAZING, SEXY, GORGE, BEAUTIFUL...I FELT FREE!!! After the shoot I was on such a high. You couldn't tell me nothin! LOL! I think we should ALL FEEL this way.....ALWAYS! We are BEAUTIFUL! It's time to start FEELING that way! Smooches <3

Once upon a time..........

Hello all you Sexy People out there!!! This is so brand new to me so allow me to introduce goes  ^_^  I’m just a girl trying to find her way in this world of plus size.  I’ve been plus size my whole life & I’ve just recently began to embrace my curves! I am a Wife & a Mother.  One day my son got on to me for saying I was fat.  My response was…”Being fat isn’t a bad thing.  Society has made us believe that fat is ugly.  I AM FAT and that’s OK.  I am also a mother, wife, sister and daughter and I’m beautiful.  I’m loving & a good person with a good heart who just happens to be fat. I’m ok with that!!! There’s nothing WRONG with being FAT!  I love myself so being called fat doesn’t bother me.”  Anywho...that was a breakthrough moment for me because I got to send a positive body message to my son & MYSELF.  In this blog I hope you will hit your breakthrough! We’ll talk about plus size fashion, photography, hair & makeup and anything else your little hearts desire!  We will post pics, OOTD and inspirational feel good things, etc! This journey of self love has been awesome so far & I can’t wait to share the rest with all of you.  Smooches <3