Friday, March 15, 2013

Once upon a time..........

Hello all you Sexy People out there!!! This is so brand new to me so allow me to introduce goes  ^_^  I’m just a girl trying to find her way in this world of plus size.  I’ve been plus size my whole life & I’ve just recently began to embrace my curves! I am a Wife & a Mother.  One day my son got on to me for saying I was fat.  My response was…”Being fat isn’t a bad thing.  Society has made us believe that fat is ugly.  I AM FAT and that’s OK.  I am also a mother, wife, sister and daughter and I’m beautiful.  I’m loving & a good person with a good heart who just happens to be fat. I’m ok with that!!! There’s nothing WRONG with being FAT!  I love myself so being called fat doesn’t bother me.”  Anywho...that was a breakthrough moment for me because I got to send a positive body message to my son & MYSELF.  In this blog I hope you will hit your breakthrough! We’ll talk about plus size fashion, photography, hair & makeup and anything else your little hearts desire!  We will post pics, OOTD and inspirational feel good things, etc! This journey of self love has been awesome so far & I can’t wait to share the rest with all of you.  Smooches <3

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